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 Gunther Pippèrr Oracle Database Wiki

This is the English section of my website; I start the wiki as a first draft and working on the first real information’s .-) at the moment.

For more information visit my German wiki about the Oracle Database

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Oracle NoSQL Development TWJUG - Taiwan Java User Group Treffen - 04.10.2014 - Oracle Taipei Office

Developing high performance application with the Oracle NoSQL Database

The Oracle NoSQL Database is a distributed key value store. Based on the proven Oracle Java Berkley DB Oracle developed an new database, the Oracle NoSQL. This new database, also available as free community edition, can be optimal used in high performance applications as persistent cache or for queuing usages.

A easy to use Java API helps to implement the read and write operations on the store with low programming effort.

The Java API also allows the developer to choose the transactional behavior directly in his own code. The data of the store can be defined with the help of Avro or over a simple table construct, but is also possible to use the Key-Value store schema less. With the new Version 3 the connecting to the store can be encrypted and secured to satisfy high security requirements. In the talk we will show the general architecture , the first steps to implement the store and how to develop the first lines of code to use the store in your own software.

Oracle nosql twjug-oktober-2014_taiwan_print_v01

Oracle Database Performance Tuning

Tuning is not a single action, Tuning is a process.

Overview over the recommended tuning process:

 Overview over the tuning process

Know your environmentMeasures your environmentCheck for performance issuesTry to find the bottlenecksFix problems!

In each section I’d like to show you in the next time some tips/tricks and hints how to get out the best of the database.

Measures your environment - Know your Environment

To recognize that you have a problem you have to know your environment.
If somebody cries the database is slow, is it really the truth?
If you have no figures over your normal runtime behavior you cannot prove the converse.

See: The Oracle database performance indicators

Check for performance issues - Try to find the bottlenecks

Fix problems

More in German

If you need more Information about the Oracle Database and Oracle Primavera, see also my German Wiki.

See: Oracle Datenbank und Primavera Tips und Tricks

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